finding freedom after sexual abuse


You are a strong, resilient, successful woman, you have a life most would envy. You have the house, children and loving partner to prove it. So why is it that secretly, you loathe yourself and suspect that you don’t really deserve any of it? What is it that is driving you to work to the point of complete exhaustion, and yet, once in bed, preventing you from sleeping?  

Hi, I’m Sarah, a Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapist specialising in helping high functioning, professional women, who have boxed up and attempted to forget the childhood sexual abuse that they experienced, process their trauma so that they can live the life of joy freedom and fulfilment that they crave.   

If you are afraid to look back, but long for freedom from your past, read on to find out how our Living Limitlessly Immersion Program can help you.


Are you ready, now, to take the next step and go from surviving to thriving after childhood sexual abuse?