You will reconnect with your power, courage and strength and at last be able to move forward, in the direction you really want, trusting your intuition, free to create your own unique, limitless life, excited as you take inspired action naturally and without resistance.

A happy, healed nervous system, free from the emotional effects of trauma. You will feel safe in your mind and connected to your body.

You will be able to live in the present without being overwhelmed by thoughts, emotions and feelings of the past. You will no longer feel alone and isolated.

You will improve your relationship with those around you, as you learn to relate to others from a place of confidence, safety and security. 

You will be triggered significantly less and feel peaceful for more of the time. When something unexpected does trigger you, you will know how to regulate your emotions so that you can calm down quickly and easily.

You will know that you are not alone, damaged, or different. You will have the support of a community of women who have been through similar experiences to you, who have your back, who understand you and care about your wellbeing. 

You will find it easier to be kind to yourself and your body as you release misplaced shame and judgement. You will have access to self-compassion and will no longer have to continually push yourself to work so hard in order to prevent you from feeling. You will be able to have more fun.

You will know, with absolute certainty, that what happened to you was not your fault and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are enough, exactly as you are.

You will discover a new sense of excitement about what is unfolding for you as you experience permanent transformation, not just short-term relief and coping strategies.

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